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Take the Cobuild Course and empower yourself with the right set of tools for success.

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Based on the proven methodology used by Rokk3r Labs to build and launch over 40 companies, this 6-week course which can be taken online or via livestream takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of company building – from vision development to raising capital – through the lens of exponential organizations.  

This course empowers individuals by providing them with the right set of tools to operate in a dynamic business environment ruled by changing technologies, poising them for success. 

Each one of the 6 sessions, combined with a mentoring program and a pitch day to finalize the course will change the way you look at business – no matter where and what you do - teaching you to work and think differently to achieve maximum efficiency and rapid results.  



Who's this course for

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The Aspiring Entrepreneur

You have a full-time job but toy with the thought of owning your own business and wonder if these ideas are worth the time and/or investment. This course validates your ideas, while testing your entrepreneurial abilities.

The Seeker

Attaining the success of companies like Uber or Facebook keeps you up at night. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of what makes these organizations successful, and how you can implement those same principles to your own job or company.

The Specialist

You’ve dedicated your career to becoming good at your craft – from engineering, data design, product development– but feel you haven’t reached your full potential. This course complements your technical background fully preparing you for your next business venture.


What you'll learn



Create the higher aspirational purpose for your company and learn how to make your idea 10x better than those of your competitors.



An overview of the most powerful concepts for validating a product to fit the market, including activating your learnings for the proper application of tools and procedures to execute these concepts.PRODUCT




Develop the mindset to evolve from improvisation to data-driven decision making. You will learn about the essential roles required to execute and manage resources through experimentation and iteration.




Understanding your target user and habits will help you better serve them. Through the concepts of user journeys, growth funnels and other essential growth concepts, you will learn to develop a holistic growth strategy.




Most likely, your idea will have no profit for at least the first 18 months. The right investment strategy will be the key to success. Learn how to identify the right investor and how to give them what they are looking for.



You will learn how rapid validation is compatible with building a scalable product.

Mentoring + Pitch day



You will receive 2 hours of mentoring with course instructors to discuss everything from business ideas, to course materials, to implementation in real life scenarios.  


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You will have the opportunity to expose your business idea to potential investors that will also teach you how to approach and convince people to invest in your company or ideas.  



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