Become an exponential company builder in 6 weeks

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We have created this 12 hour course, over a 6 week period, to teach you how we build companies at Rokk3r Labs. By taking this course, you will be equipped with the tools, mindset and culture to turn your idea into a company that you can successfully build and launch to the market.

Each one of our 6 sessions + our mentoring program will change the way you look at entrepreneurship. At the end of this course you'll have the opportunity to pitch your idea to potential investors.



What you'll get


Who's this course for

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On the fence of entrepreneurship

I am currently working a full-time job. I have my own business ideas that I have considered, but I am not sure if they are worth the risk or time investment.

How this course applies to you:

Validate your idea and your ability as an entrepreneur. Learn what it takes to build a company.

Exponentiality seeker

I own a business hitting decent revenue targets. I want to understand how my business can get on the same revenue trajectory as some of these big tech companies like Uber and Facebook. Also, I don't know how to scale my business into different markets beyond my current customer segment.

How this course applies to you:

Learn how to apply the principles of exponentiality, expand into new regions, create new verticals, and the nuts and bolts of building a compelling investment strategy to raise money.


I have a certain level of engineering, design, data science, product development or some other technical expertise. But, I feel I'm not realizing the full potential of my expertise, or that my expertise has a very narrow scope when it comes to understanding how startups work.

How this course applies to you:

This course will complement your current tech background, education and expertise to help you realize a comprehensive understanding of building and growing a startup company.


What you'll learn



Create the higher aspirational purpose for your company and learn how you can make your idea 10x better than those of your competitors. Develop your roadmap and framework with milestones for achieving your idea’s newfound purpose.



The most powerful concepts about validating market fit will be introduced and the proper application of tools and procedures to execute these concepts will be shared. You will then be ready to put your learnings into action for your idea.



You will receive the tools and develop the mindset to evolve from improvisation, to data-driven decision making. You will learn the essential roles required to execute, and how you can manage resources through experimentation and iteration.



Understanding your target user and customers' habits will help serve them better and grow your base. Through the concepts of user journeys, growth funnels and other essential growth concepts, you will develop a holistic growth strategy.



Most likely, your idea will have no profit for at least the first 18 months. The right investment strategy will be the key to success. Learn how to identify the right investor and how to give them what they are looking for.



You will learn that rapid validation is compatible with building a scalable product. Concepts around APIs, modular architecture, and how to leverage 3rd party platforms will be shared with you.

Mentoring + Pitch day



2 hours of mentoring with course designers. Use these to discuss your learnings applied to your idea or business.

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An opportunity to expose your idea to potential investors that will also teach you how to approach and convince people to invest in your company.