AdMobilize:  Born to be exponential


AdMobilize is an outstanding example of a company birth out of the genius vision of its founder, Rodolfo Saccoman, and the exponential power of Rokk3r Labs' Cobuild Methodology.

Over about 4 years, the idea pivoted drastically from an advertising solution characterized by iPads carried in backpacks to becoming a comprehensive Internet of Things platform, positioning AdMobilize as the leader of the industry.

Now with their own open and modular platform called the Matrix, and devices such as the AdBeacon, AdMobilize demonstrates many exponential characteristics such as algorithms and dashboards, staff on demand, leverage assets, and community.

To date, their team has successfully went through several rounds of investment, and the valuation of the company has grown exponentially. Furthermore, within 2015 and 2016, revenue grew by 300%.


AdMobilize in the press: